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My hope and intention for this blog is to inspire my readers to live a better and more fulfilling and mindful life.  I’ll be tackling various topics including mindfulness, mental health, motivation, self-esteem, happiness, nutrition, exercise, relationships, spirituality, meditation and anything else that might help us elevate and enhance ourselves.  I couldn’t think of a better time to get started than the beginning of a new year!

The close of each year provides us an excellent vantage point to evaluate the year-gone-by and to consider the possibilities of the approaching year.  The New Year supposedly affords us hope that we might muster up enough determination to improve our lives (this time).  Despite our possible failures to finish last year’s list of resolutions, we get another opportunity and a fresh slate to start anew. 

The trouble with resolutions and the reason that so many scoff at the idea is likely because they create a gauntlet, which begets a mixture of excitement, dread and anxiety.  Most people are trying to rid their lives of anxiety, not add to it.  My challenge to you this year is to look at anxiety straight in the face.  Instead of running or allowing stress to paralyze you, I encourage you to befriend it to the extent that you don’t mind it rearing its ugly head.  2014 might be the year that you realize that anxiety is a barometer of importance.  It provides a signal that something is in need of attention!   Whatever is stressing you out simply alerts you that you need to get amped, in gear and ready to rise to the occasion.  To ignore or avoid stress is to miss the mark and 2014 is the year to walk through the fire!  You don’t have to have it entirely figured out, but you do need to get walking.

Take a look at the following link for some inspiration about starting a new habit.  My advice is to embrace anxiety, and slow and steady wins the race!


My hope and intention for this blog is

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